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35 years ago, Ayala Enterprises began as an effort to help friends and family with their tax returns.  Ivan and Angela Ayala took meticulous care in ensuring every return was prepared diligently and to maximum effect.
Overtime, relationships strengthened and new ones were forged.  Ayala Enterprises organically grew and the Ayala family began expanding their services to further assist clients with their taxes, accounting, bookkeeping and financial management.
Today Ayala Enterprises is a family business consisting of more than 10 employees who are willingly able to help you with any of your tax, financial and accounting needs.

Our Team

Ivan Ayala

President & Founder, B.Sc. (Eng)

R.P.A. Registered Professional Accountant

Angela Ayala


Personal Tax Return Expert

Frances Ayala

C.P.A., C.A.                                                  

Chartered Professional Accountant

Jason Ayala

Office Assistant Manager, B.A.S.

Carmela Volpe

Office Manager, Director of Operations         

Tax Return Expert

Francesca Puzzo

Bookkeeping and Administration                    

20 Years Experience

Marcelo Enriquez


20 Years Experience

Tarvinder Singh


Chartered Professional Accountant

Jairo E. Jimenez M

Bookkeeping, PCP                                                              

Payroll Compliance Practitioner

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