FYI… The Carbon Tax Rebate is included in your 2018 Income Tax Return, by filing for your return you will automatically be filing for it as well.

The federal government’s plan to offset the cost of its carbon tax for residents of Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba and Saskatchewan could be missed by people filing their 2018 taxes without professional help, tax specialists say.

The new Climate Action Incentive has been added to the standard tax forms, at line 449, but it doesn’t explicitly say the benefit is in place to compensate for the lack of carbon pricing in those provinces.

“I think people will definitely miss it, especially if you’re preparing on paper,” accountant Leslie Crompton told CBC News. “It may be more noticeable if you’re using software.”

“You’re going to file your 2018 return, get the tax credit added as part of your refund and if you are in Ontario, a family of four receives $307 extra,” explained Gittens.